Does your dog have high anxiety?

The High Anxiety Crate is the Solution

The High Anxiety Crate is welded, riveted, and made out of aircraft-grade aluminum. The air holes are designed to help prevent most dogs from damaging their teeth if they try to escape. The front door bars are close together to prevent your pet from biting the door. Not one but five door latches keep even the most tricky escape artists safely inside the crate. 

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"My 5 year old rescue came with severe separation anxiety, and literally destroyed every crate I put him in. And when not contained and left alone, he destroyed the house. The Impact High Anxiety Crate is secure, and I know when I leave that both Milo and my home are safe. Thank you!"

- Kristin

"My newly adopted Chocolate Lab broke out of everything I put him in. He has tried breaking out of the impact dog crate, but to no avail. Good product. Expensive, but you can’t put a price on having a little peace of mind when you want to go out to dinner for an hour or 2."

- Alexander

"Best quality materials and construction."

- Cleveland

Break the Cycle

Lifetime Warranty

All of our crates come with a lifetime warranty. But only the High Anxiety Crate comes with an extra layer of protection. For two years you also get free replacement with no questions asked should your dog manage to damage the crate.